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HOA Board Meetings

Each owner at Mesa Village is a member of the Home Owners' Association (HOA).

January Meeting - It is the responsibility of the Mesa Village Home Owners' Association to meet each year (in January) to approve a budget, decide on members of the HOA Board and conduct business. It is necessary to achieve a quorum of voting owners in order conduct business. We must have 91 owners casting vote, either by attending the meeting or by filling out a proxy form. Details can be found in the Mesa Village By-Laws.

HOA board meetings occur throughout the remainder of the year on the third Thursday of the month. Board meetings do not occur every single month. Meeting announcements will be posted here on the Mesa Village website and will include the most up to date meeting information. Owners will also receive an email announcing upcoming meetings . If you are an owner and are not receiving emails about the meetings, please complete our owner contact form to update your current contact information.

Current HOA Board Members are:

William Ragsdale, President

Bill Darling, Vice President

Walter Ivie, Treasurer

Ree Nurnburger, Ombudsman

Diane Dean, Secretary

HOA Board members serve three year terms and the positions are completely voluntary. Any Mesa Village owner can volunteer to become a member of the board ahead of the annual owners' meeting in January.

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