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Code of Conduct

Mesa Village owners and residents must abide by the code of conduct set forth in the official rule amendment on file with Travis County. A copy of the filed rule amendment can be accessed here.

The code of conduct is described below:


Owners, residents, guests, Association officers, directors, committee members, managers, employees, contractors and agents must all conduct themselves in a civil manner when dealing with each other.

No person has the right to abuse another, or the duty to tolerate abuse.

i. Prohibited conduct. The following conduct is expressly prohibited in any communications between the above-described parties:

a) verbal abuse;

b) insults and derogatory name-calling;

c) cursing;

d) aggressive and/or threatening behavior;

e) hostile or unwanted touching/physical contact;

f) sexual harassment;

g)posting correspondence on the doors of directors and officers;

h) correspondence, whether oral, written, or electronic, that is deemed in the Board's or Manager's sole discretion to be harassing or intimidating (the Board and/or Manager will consider the tone, time, and frequency of correspondence in determining whether correspondence is harassing or intimidating);

i) suggestive language or language that is otherwise offensive to the recipient; and

j) asking Association or Manager personnel to perform personal errands.

ii. Requests for an owner to leave. Any Owner, resident, or guest who is requested to leave the Manager's office or an Association facility shall do so immediately.

iii. Communication with the Association Manager or Board. The Board or Manager may in their sole discretion require, upon notice to a resident or Owner, that all communication from the resident or Owner be in writing. Once such notice is provided, the Board or Manager may in their sole discretion decline to reply to any other method of correspondence.

iv. Communication from tenants. All communications related to Association matters must come from Owners or Owners' agents rather than their tenants. The Board or Manager in their sole discretion may decline to reply to communications from tenants.

v. Association employees/contractors. Owners and residents may not instruct, direct, or supervise the Association's or Manager's employees, agents, or contractors unless otherwise directed to do so by the Board. Owners, residents, and guests may not harass or interfere with the performance of any duties being performed by the Association's or Manager's employees, agents, or contractors."


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