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What do our HOA Fees pay for?

Mesa Village HOA fees cover several essential utilities and services for all owners:

  • Water - Mesa Village was built with a shared boiler system. Units do not have individual hot water heaters. This eliminates the need for an individual gas bill for each owner. Water and heated water costs are significant and a large portion of the HOA fees goes to cover this each month.

  • Maintenance and repair - HOA fees are budgeted each year to complete large repair projects such as resurfacing the parking lot and replacing roofs. There are also occasional needs for maintenance and repair to parts of the property such as stair replacement and fence repair. Some of the most recent large projects we have completed are:

Remodeling of pool and pool bathrooms - 2019

Replacement of all Mesa Village Chimneys - 2021

Resurfacing of Tennis Courts and new lighting - 2022

Roof Replacement (ongoing) - 2021-2024

Resurfacing of the parking lot - 2023

  • Mesa Village also has to budget for emergency needs such as tree trimming and removal during the most recent ice storm in February, 2023.

  • Trash collection and Recycling

  • Mowing and Irrigation - this also includes leaf collection twice per year.

  • Pool maintenance and care

  • Porter services such as dog waste collection, pool maintenance, property upkeep, recycling, cleaning of laundry rooms and pool bathrooms etc.

  • Property Insurance

  • Property lighting, security cameras

  • Clubhouse lighting and air conditioning

  • General administrative costs such as management company costs, bookkeeping, taxes, web services and legal fees.

This is not a comprehensive list of all expense covered by our HOA fees. Owners do receive periodic financial documents with detailed expense reports. Hopefully, this list will help lend some general knowledge as to the things that are being maintained on our behalf through our HOA fees.

Thank you for being part of our community.


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