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Mesa Village Clubhouse

Updated: Jan 5

The clubhouse reservations can now be made on the website here.

A rental agreement and a $100.00 deposit must be made in order to secure the keys to the clubhouse.

Please contact for reservation information.

CLUBHOUSE RULES The clubhouse is for the use of Mesa Village owners and tenants, their family and guests. The owners or tenants assume full responsibility for all accidents or claims that may arise in connection with the use of the clubhouse and agree to hold harmless Management, the Mesa Village HOA, its Board, and clubhouse coordinator. The clubhouse may be used for private parties only. Commercial events or events to which the general public is invited are not allowed. All functions must end by 10:30p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and by 1:00a.m. on Friday or Saturday. The pool and surrounding area may not be reserved for private parties. The pool is for the use and enjoyment of all owners and guests, and it has its own hours of operation. Bathing suits may not be worn in the clubhouse.

  1. To reserve the clubhouse, first call the coordinator to ensure no other reservations conflict with your date.

  2. Next complete and sign the attached reservation form; if a tenant wishes to reserve the clubhouse, both the owner and tenant must sign the reservation form. A pre-function walkthrough of the clubhouse with the coordinator is recommended.

  3. Upon receipt of the completed reservation form and $100 deposit, the clubhouse key will be issued. The clubhouse door should be locked when the clubhouse is not in use.

  4. The owner or tenant reserving the clubhouse must be present for the entire function.

  5. Guests may not park in spaces reserved for Mesa Village residents.

  6. Discretion should be used when serving alcohol. State law holds hosts responsible for their guests safety. Alcohol must not be served to minors. State law prohibits open containers outside the clubhouse.

  7. Please do not staple or tape materials on the wall surfaces. If the walls are damaged, repair/repainting costs will be assessed against the reserving unit's owner.

  8. Music and party noise must be kept at a level that cannot be heard outside the clubhouse. The owner or tenant is responsible for ensuring there are no loud noises from guests coming to or leaving the function. A report of loud noise will mean the forfeiture of your deposit.

  9. When the function is over, please turn off heat or air conditioning, lights, and stove.

  10. The unit owner is ultimately responsible for returning the key and ensuring the clubhouse is fully cleaned by noon of the day immediately following the function. All equipment, window coverings, furniture, and appliances should be clean and/or repaired, and trashcan debris taken to the dumpsters.

  11. Common areas used during the function (restrooms, parking areas, breezeway, etc) must also be cleaned. The clubhouse coordinator will inspect the clubhouse before the owner is released from liability for clean up or repair and before deposits are returned. If any damage exceeds the amount of the deposit, both the owner and/or tenant may be fined and a lien placed on the property to recover the costs of repairs.


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