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Tennis Courts

Updated: Jan 5

Mesa Village Tennis Courts are for owners and residents only. Reservations for tennis courts can now be made on the website here.

To simplify procedures, reservations have been divided up into 2 hour increments.

Tennis Court Rules:

The following is a copy of the tennis court rules, taken from the official rules of Mesa Village, on file with Travis County:

Tennis courts are for the use of Mesa Village owners and tenants, their family and guests. Hours are 8:00a.m. through 10:00p.m.

Tennis court gates should be closed and locked at all times.

An owner or tenant must accompany guests on the tennis courts. Children under 14 should be supervised by an adult.

Courts should not to be used for any activity other than playing tennis. Skates, bicycles, and pets are not allowed on the courts. Pets may not be tied to the court fences or nearby trees.

Please use the sign-up sheet, located on the northwest corner of the courts, to reserve a court. Reservations may be made no more than 10 days in advance. Please delete your name from the sign up sheet to cancel your reservations. Reservations are voided if you are more than 10 minutes late. Reservation disputes should be reported to and resolved by PMT Management Company.

If the courts are empty and not reserved, both courts may be used by a resident. If another resident wants to use a court, however, one of the courts should be vacated by the first resident for use by the new players.

Time limits are set at 90 minutes for a singles match and two hours for a doubles match.

Please do not use profane language or make excessive noise while on the court.

Players must wear regulation tennis shoes to avoid damaging the court surface.

If playing after dark, please turn out court lights before leaving.


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